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Matthew James

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Matthew James is the ecclesiastical leader of the Vegan religion known as Relonism and founder of the Church of Veganism.

As a Vegan pondering a utopian future world where the entire planet is Vegan, a disturbing thought occurred to Matthew.

He realized that the most likely outcome for the future would be a world where the majority of people would be forced into Veganism, not because they are thoughtful compassionate people, but because the world’s natural resources would not be able to keep up with human population growth.

This would essentially force people’s diets to become predominately plant-based due to decreased land availability for animal agriculture and factory farming operations.

This scenario creates a massive ethical and moral dilemma for most Vegans because this type of scenario would not result in the type of utopian future that the majority of Vegans would hope for.

A world with no cruelty, no criminals, no wars, and equality between all living beings, and a place devoid of any form of speciesism is not possible when people have not adopted a Vegan lifestyle by choice, but rather by necessity because of a scarcity of available animal products due to the reduced production capacity of the animal agriculture industry due to the effects of population growth on finite land resources.

Matthew realized that Veganism as a moral philosophy did not provide a solution to these types of ethical and moral dilemmas. Something more was needed to persuade reasonable people to change their behavior and not just in defense of animals, but more importantly, in defense of the earth itself.

Matthew knows that even in a perfect world where every human was Vegan by choice, that life (neither human, animal or plant) would most likely survive in the longer term due to the negative effects of climate change devasting our environment and our oceans.

Matthew understands how capitalism is the key driving force behind the destruction of the environment and the earth’s natural ecosystems from the activities of arrogant, selfish and low-vibrational humans who are responsible for things like chronic pollution, industrial toxic waste, nuclear radiation, and the scourge of single-use plastic.

Matthew realized that the earth desperately needed a new type of individual who would be a true defender of all life, in all of its forms, and that a new type of thinking (in addition to Veganism) was needed to address the spiritual nature of human existence.

Matthew initially contemplated seeking these answers from Mother Aya (Ayahuasca) however before he had the opportunity to meet her with the assistance of DMT, he started having purely natural visions and insights of what he must do and how he must do it.

He was told by Mother Earth (without taking any form of external DMT) to form a new religion and create a new church based on Veganism and to build an international legion of defenders of the Earth and protectors of the innocent, and the meek, and the voiceless, irrelevant of their species.

Matthew was also instructed by Mother Earth to create living Arks or Sanctuaries where the innocent, the meek, and the voiceless (both human and non-human) could live in peace and harmony and could grow and eat organic non-GMO food the way that nature intended.

A place where the consciousness of all who reside there is raised and heightened through daily practices designed to raise their individual vibrational frequency, then to work toward healing each other and raising their collective consciousness, then to raise the consciousness of the Sanctuary itself, and then finally to extend that healing energy toward healing all people and all life on the planet.

These visions containing ancient earth wisdom were sent by the Earth Mother through the eternal life force of all living things expressed through nature in the form of a special vibrational frequency that was relayed through the oldest and the wisest conscious intelligence on the planet, water.

Matthew was also told about the spiritual universe that exists in tandem with the known physical universe and he was instructed to take heed of the inherent wisdom contained in the teachings of all of the world’s religions and spiritual beliefs, including the wisdom from non-secular points of view including Aethism.

Matthew has listened to Mother Earth and he invites you to walk the same path and work with him, and with each other, to create and influence a new world where nature and all life is truly valued and where human weaknesses such as greed, selfishness, corruption, violence, and domination no longer exist.

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