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The Church of Veganism (COV) is home of the world’s first official Vegan religion.

Members of the COV practice daily adherence to the dietary and philosophical lifestyle requirements of Veganism, engage in various daily spiritual practices and observe the religious tenets of Relonism.

Members of the COV and followers of Relonism or religious Vegans are known as Relons.

Every member of the Church must be Vegan and all members of the Church are required to actively spread the word of Veganism to every non-Vegan at every available opportunity.

Veganism is a foundational religious practice of the Relon faith and the religion of Relonism mandates that the ignorant must be educated about why they should become Vegan.

It is the moral duty of every compassionate Vegan to live a cruelty-free lifestyle and to strongly encourage all other unethical and immoral people on the planet to do the same.

It is the moral duty of every considerate Vegan to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and to strongly encourage all other unethical and immoral people on the planet to do the same.

It is the moral duty of every ethical Vegan to liberate imprisoned and enslaved sentient beings at every available opportunity and by any means necessary.

It is the moral duty of every ethical Vegan to protect sentient beings from rape, torture, murder, and the worldwide holocaust perpetrated upon them by incompassionate, unethical and immoral people at every available opportunity and by any means necessary.

The Vegan religion called Relonism is founded on the premise that all living things are connected and that no living being should have unnatural dominion over any other living being at any time.

The Church believes that there can be no end to human-animal suffering on this planet while unconscionable and abhorrent violence continues to be perpetrated against non-human animals.

Our planet and all its living natural wonder, beauty, and life continue to be systematically destroyed by corrupt, greedy, and power-hungry individuals, institutions, corporations, and governments who have little to no regard at all for the earth’s fragile environment, precious plant-life, innocent animals, or our most vulnerable humans.

Relons believe that the interconnectedness of all living things stems from a single life source which some people often describe as the Creator or God.

It is the Relon belief that the Infinite Source (or God) is made up of the sum of its individual parts. In other words, we are all metaphorically speaking created in God’s image because we individually form a collective consciousness that interconnects with all living things.

We are all immortal spiritual beings and we all have the power to reconnect with our higher selves and relearn how to experience true happiness and express real unconditional love toward all living things.

Veganism is only the first step to achieving an enlightened state of being.

Most people have forgotten about the spiritual connection to their true-self and higher state of awareness due to forced indoctrination and various types of programming which have intoxicated our minds with evil and divisive ideologies and concepts such as nationalism, capitalism, consumerism, materialism, and globalization.

With each new day, humanity becomes more selfish and more self-absorbed and engages in individualistic forms of self-pleasure and self-gratification which ordinarily occurs at the expense of every other living thing on the planet.

Thank God for the Relons who are the only true guardians of the voiceless and the meek for without them humanity has little hope of redemption.



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Church of Veganism Your Vegan Church

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