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What is Relonism?



Created by Matthew James, Relonism is a religion that offers a path toward a higher state of consciousness and an enlightened understanding of how all living things are connected and why all life within our universe is of equal importance.

Relonism teaches us that our true spiritual guide on this journey of life on this planet and the only pathway to spiritual awakening and conscious awareness is the eternal wisdom of nature itself.

Relonism seeks to reconnect humans with their true spiritual nature and raise the level of their frequency and vibration to that of enlightened beings through a set of practices, beliefs, and rituals designed to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and soul.

Relonism understands and appreciates the inherent wisdom contained within all of the world’s religions and acknowledges that the spiritual universe is comprised of the collective totality of all spiritual belief systems.

Relonism is a world peace religion and the only world religion born directly from Veganism. Veganism is the first step on the Relon path to spiritual enlightenment.

Relonism teaches us that life in this dimension is the Infinite Source’s (or God’s) test of humanity to determine whether we are worthy of ascension to higher dimensions after the physical body dies.

The test is life itself and is governed by the universal laws of nature and all humans will be judged by the manner in which they choose to live their lives.

Relonism teaches that the natural enemy of all conscious beings is low vibrational life forms that feed on the negative energy that is created through inhumane acts of unnecessary cruelty that causes undue suffering, misery, pain, and duress to the innocent, the meek, and the voiceless.

Relonism teaches that those who are determined to spend their lifetime fixated on personal self-gratification and individualistic self-preservation which disregards the suffering of others will be destined for retribution in this life or the next.

Relonism teaches that human disease and illness is nature’s punishment for the wicked and the selfish and will inflict all who choose to kill and consume the flesh of any of God’s magnificent creatures great or small.

The ultimate goal of Relonism is true spiritual enlightenment and freedom from oppression for all.



What is Relonism?

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Church of Veganism Your Vegan Church

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