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What is a Relon?



A Relon is defined as:

What is the difference between a Vegan and a Relon?

A person might become a Vegan for a variety of different reasons such as for their health, for the environment, or due to animal welfare concerns.

Vegans’ collectively may have similar and sometimes very differing philosophical views about certain things and would not genuinely be described as a united collective community.

In fact, Vegans rarely agree on much of anything, and the amount of in-fighting and disharmony amongst the wider Vegan community is quite alarming.

Many so-called ethical Vegans feel that the majority of people who eat plant-based aren’t doing so because of a genuine concern for the plight of animals.

A person becomes a Relon because they have chosen Veganism as a foundational practice and a moral baseline in their daily life and have also chosen Relonism as their spiritual path in life.

Relons’ have drawn a clear line in the sand separating themselves from the status quo within the wider Vegan community and are banding together to work in harmony with one another, and to build a genuine cohesive united Vegan community.

Every member of the Church of Veganism must be Vegan, and every member of the COV is a Relon.



What is Relonism?

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